Madonna, Maluma – Medellín (Billboard Music Awards Performance)

Madonna, Maluma - Medellín (Billboard Music Awards Performance)

You’re watching Madonna and Maluma’s performance of “Medellín” from the Billboard Music Awards.
Listen to ‘Madame X’:

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Madonna, Maluma – Medellín (Billboard Music Awards Performance)

14 thoughts on “Madonna, Maluma – Medellín (Billboard Music Awards Performance)

  1. Kuthreeh Degone says:

    Thank you for your music Queen Madonna <3<3<3


    After 4 years of silence this specific live performance from the QUEEN OF POP……MADONNA……. was worth the waiting that we all have'd for her!!!!!……. I'm i right or wrong?????…… PLEASE all of you MADONNA fans let me khow!!!!!

  3. Mister X says:

    Epic performance ……. 13 Million views before Aug 14, Queen's birthday

  4. Cameron Feist says:

    Better than La Tigresa del oriente aka Mariah Carey, i hate her boring songs, only like a bit her cover of Despacito!!!!!

  5. Debbie Rah says:

    This was such a naughty performance…loved it

  6. Francisco Rojas says:

    No entiendo cómo Madonna, se prestó a hacer un cover con Maluma, el reguetón es una mierda.

  7. rumamdi rita says:

    Mariah Carey "La Tigresa del oriente" is a flopped piece of shit!!!!!!

  8. Yesenia Ruiz says:

    I only like Maluma in this…
    Madonna, please give up the auto tune, sounds horrible.. way too much going on.. sounds like shit…

  9. Tre Moeckel says:

    Madonna i saw you grab for that ass at the end 😉 come on queen !

  10. لولو . says:

    ذا الممحون يختار عجايز بس تفووو على خنثك يامالوما Maluma gay?

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