Shout Out Number Four: The New Artists of the Week

Shout Out Number Four: The New Artists of the Week

Please go check in on all of these fantastic up and coming new Artists, and let them know you see what they’re doing; and support them!

THE MORE YOU LIKE, SUB, SHARE AND SPREAD THESE VIDEOS THE MORE PEOPLE WE CAN REACH AND SUPPORT: and the more we can all help each other *grow together.*

If you would like to be in the next video, please message me on Instagram *link below*.

My Stuff:

I am available for Commissions; either message me on any of my social media pages, or leave a comment for details.

All of the Artists Featured in the Video:

Kat Skinner:





WhiteWhiskWing (Hailee):


Lee Billingham:

Artist Community Reddit Forum:

Shout Out Number Four: The New Artists of the Week

11 thoughts on “Shout Out Number Four: The New Artists of the Week

  1. Tiffany Vaz Art says:

    This is AWESOME!! Thank you for doing this as I have been searching for more artists on YouTube!

  2. The Painted Palette Life says:

    Amazing artists! Thank you for sharing their work. A great idea 🙂

  3. Cherie Taylor Studio says:

    Great idea to spotlight these awesome artists! I love seeing what other artists are up to. Subbed to everyone 🙂 I also subscribed to the subreddit and look forward to seeing everyone's work! You should see me over there at u/cherietaylorstudio

  4. Michi Doan says:

    Love it! I like to see and discover more artists. Thank you for your hard work creating these videos. 🙂

  5. Allison Lyon Art says:

    Another amazing shout out! Love what you're doing! 🙂

  6. Laura Skinner says:

    Really love these videos! Checking out all the channels now, thanks for sharing!

  7. Dianne Bowell says:

    This is great, some really incredible artists here! , I have subscribed so that I can keep up with all these amazing artists you are supporting! I’ve also just joined Reddit – I don’t even know what it is so I’ll see you there!

  8. Max Nannini says:

    Another excellent video my friend! Can’t wait to check out these talented artists!

  9. Lee ludlow Art says:

    Great new artists here and so good of you to mention them, having been drawing and painting myself for just a year with no training or lessons in art know how tough the journey is in these early stages. Great video larry ?


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